‘donkey – iteration II’ by Sandsmark//Findlay with Warren

‘donkey – iteration II’ by Sandsmark//Findlay with Warren
 February 17+18 & 22+23, 2023

donkey’ is the next installment in a series of performed installations occupied with the idea of iteration.  Derived from ‘every night in my dreams’ Sandsmark//Findlay extract, simplify and refine elements of the recent large scale work to become something entirely new.  Using a playful and immediate approach, the work celebrates laborious tasks with an appreciation for endurance and dedication framed inside a circle.  Embracing restraint as a guide, the work deals with interests in patterns and repetitions in dialog between sound, movements, images and physical matter.  ‘donkey’ acknowledges the impossible separation between the body and the material, and how the creation of the world is an ongoing process of entanglement.  

The Iteration series will invite different artists to reimagine, react and respond to similar starting points and kernels derived from ‘every night in my dreams’.

By Marit Sandsmark and Iver Findlay with Peter Warren and Jean-Vincent Kerebel

Producer/ costume design: Victoria Heggelund

Conversation parter: Jon Refsdal Moe

Electronics/ programming: Fabrice Moinet

Light operation: Gabel Eiben

Assistance: Greta Jasaitė, Campbell Waldron, Leif Ole Stampa, Šárka Benedová

Supported by: Norsk Kulturrad, Rogaland Fylkeskommune, and Stavanger Kommune

Thanks to: Gabel Eiben and Dag Egil Njaa