early >>returner<<  Oktober 13+14, 2016 Black Box Teater, Oslo02 current abrons bio

On the Boards TV release 02 current abrons bio

(re)remember Kansas City, La Esquina/ Charlotte St. 02 current abrons bio

Black Box teater catalog claudia text august 201604-black-box-teater-catalog-claudia-text-august-2016

o’ death coil festival-PS 122 january 201605-o-death-coil-festival-ps-122-january-2016

On The boards, seattle,  biograph,  november 15 201506-on-the-boards-seattle-biograph-last-year-november-15

black box teater oslo, doubleheader, oktober 201507-black-box-teater-oslo-doubleheader-oktober-2015

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Biography, Last Year Was Pretty/Shitty  December, 2014 Abrons Art Center02 current abrons bio

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Bergen ‘<o’ death> earlier’  Oktober 24/2505 current bit teatergarasjen o death earlier

RAS/ KinoKino, Sandnes ‘<o’ death> part 1′  Oktober 16/17
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Oktober 2014, BIT Teatergarasjen04 okt dans 14 Juni 2014, RAS 01 RAS june 203 Aug 2014, Tou Scene 02 tou aug apent studio January 16-26 2014 “Here Come The Girls” at Sundance Film Festival Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 1.12.57 AM   February 22/23, 2013 >> Findlay // Sandsmark @ bit-teatergarasjen, Bergen   January 2013 >> Black Box Theater, Oslobb for time line   October 2012 >> bit-teatergarasjen, Bergen   September 2012 >> Avant Garden, Trondheim